RFID Solutions

Sense, Analyze, Act

The Danby Group has been on the forefront of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) since 2004, offering turnkey RFID software solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and the government for a variety of innovative applications. By making just the minimal investment to meet the application demands today, you can be confident that as your business grows, or the application expands, other features and functions can be added. Our goal is to provide our customers with scalable, enhanced visibility and intelligence for every tracking requirement, at an attractive price.

Offering cohesive bar code and RFID integrated solutions makes our approach work well for those companies who are still operating successfully with bar codes but want the additional tracking and tracing features inherent to non-line-of-sight mark reading. Through a “Needs Assessment” consultation our clients are assured that they are utilizing the best of both worlds.

Danby RFID Solutions for Asset and Item tracking offer your company:
  • Reduced amount of time required for workers to conduct inventory counts
  • Ability to collect data via RFID and bar code with the flip of a switch
  • Decreased amount of time spent searching for specific assets
  • Increased asset-utilization rates
  • Lowered capital expenditures for new equipment
  • Improved employee satisfaction

The experts at Danby can offer inventory and asset visibility strategies that make sense today and will remain viable long into the future.

Best in Class RFID Solutions for Asset Tracking

We offer a truly mobile application that uniquely combines asset management and inventory control functions from an Android or iOS device coupled with advanced handheld readers, giving facilities the first-ever BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution for power and ease of use, while cutting costs by 65 - 80% over competing solutions. In one session, bar codes, QR codes or RFID tags can be read for either assets or bulk items, with the software automatically determining the type and status of the item. Unique features such as the "Geiger-counter" finder function lend practical real-world usefulness to assets and inventory, allowing vastly quicker and mistake-free inventory taking and asset control.

Track inventory in seconds

Solutions provide enterprise-quality, easy-to-use inventory control and asset management apps. These are currently available for Android and iOS with offline capability and agnostic support for barcode and RFID C1G2 readers. ADC support includes integrated, built-in camera, Linea Pro barcode scanners and generic Bluetooth barcode scanners and RFID readers. Using built in “Alerts Engines,” inventory levels can be automatically tracked and reordered automatically, messages sent when specified items are moved from one location to another, etc. Stock replenishment and shelf replenishment alerts consistently monitor stock levels and notify you when inventory falls below set minimums.

Service and equipment maintenance tracking

Above and beyond asset management, the solution also includes an inventory and service application so that a client can track what services were performed on a specific asset, and what inventory was consumed on that specific service. An “Alerts engine” provides various alerts based on real time hardware triggers, or date-based triggers.  If a product is coming up for calibration users will get an alert letting them know a specific asset needs to be calibrated.

Bar Code & RFID Applications

  • IT and Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Tool & Equipment Tracking/Check-in – Check-out
  • Defense: Asset & Weapons Tracking
  • Document Tracking
  • Transportation: Track and Trace
  • Breach of Facility Solutions
  • Healthcare: Pharma, & Instrument Tracking
  • Medical Device Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Parts Tracking w/ Maintenance & Servicing Alerts/Logs
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Fire & EMS

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