RFID Smart Tags

As RFID industry experts predicted several years ago, there is now no doubt about the integrity and reliability of the technology, and the incontestable ROI benefits of RFID in business management. The benefits are huge, but the technology is only as good as the tags chosen for the application.

That’s why The Danby Group has partnered with the industry’s top smart tag manufacturers to recommend the best combination of tag for an individual application. There are many, many variables in a given application: environmental factors, the make-up of the item to be tagged (i.e. metal, liquid), the desired “read” distance, etc. We have the field experience to be able to successfully combine the right tags, the right hardware, and the right software for a successful RFID project launch which will provide the anticipated ROI. The tag is the all-important component.

Miniature UHF On-Metal Tag

Miniature UHF On-Metal Tag

Flexible Mount Tags
Flexible Mount Tags
BarTender Prints and Encodes
BarTender Prints and Encodes
Low-Profile, On-Metal Tags
Low-Profile, On-Metal Tags
Sentry AST Autoclave
Sentry AST Autoclave
RFID Inlays for Unique Applications
RFID Inlays for Unique Applications

We work with the leading inlay and antenna manufacturers to bring our customers workable solutions for tagging the most challenging of items and environments:

  • Metal Items 
  • Long Read-Range Requirements
  • Printable and Washable Tags
  • Battery-Assisted Passive Tags
  • Concrete or Metal Embeddable Tags
  • Intrinsically Safe (encased) Tags
  • Extremely Small Tags
  • Ultra-rugged Tags
  • High Temperature Tags
The Danby Group can help to launch a successful RFID initiative in many industries and applications:
  • Manufacturing: IT and WIP Tracking
  • Defense: Asset & Weapons Tracking
  • Transportation: Track and Trace
  • Warehouse Management
  • Construction: Tool Tracking
  • Work-in-Process
  • Information Technology: Asset Tracking, Security
  • Healthcare: Laundry, Pharma, & Instrument Tracking
  • Medical Device Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Parts Maintenance
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Fire & EMS