Custom, laminated product labels on demand

Some of our customers' label applications require an extreme measure of protection from harsh chemicals and environmental conditions. For years, leading manufacturers of automobiles, compressors and electric motors have used Danby's DG-110 for "bullet-proof" labels that will last the life of their product. Our tough poly laminates can withstand harsh chemicals, dirt, ultra-violet rays and extreme temperatures, but never compromise on aesthetics - your product name plates and VIN labels are part of your company image – make them last as long as your product! 

Download the DG-110 Datasheet

The DG-110 Laminator & Die-cutter

Play the video for a virtual demonstration of the the DG-110 Laminator and Die-cutter

DG-110 Laminator/Die-cutter
DG-110 with Workstation
DG-110 Rewind Station w/ Waste Strip
DG-110 & Zebra 110Xi4 600 dpi Printer
DG-110 Black Mark Sensing
DG-110 Media Path Flow

Our full system consists of the following components:

  1. The newly re-designed DG-110 Laminator/die-cutter unit
  2. Easy touchscreen for adjustment controls
  3. Thermal transfer printer with 200, 300, or 600 dpi print resolution
  4. Customized, stream-lined work station, optional
  5. PC-driven label design software: BarTender, by Seagull Scientific

The flexible label production system is not only impressive because of its simple operation, Swiss-engineering and low maintenance, but the precision steel-rule cutting dies allow a variety of creative shapes that provide beautiful labels for a professional look. Text, graphics, barcodes, reverse print, boxes and lines are possible, as well as sequential numbering. Text can be rotated to print at 90, 180, or 270 degrees. A variety of custom-designed label formats and shapes are possible.

Polyester facestocks are the most popular for printing, however, economical paper facestock can be used as well for some applications. The label is covered with a transparent polyester film to protect it from abrasion, water, chemicals and the effect of ultraviolet rays. After die-cutting and removal of the waste matrix, the printed and laminated labels are rewound into finished rolls, ready for application.


CaseStudy DG-110 Auto-maker, VIN Label System

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