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Everyone agrees that UID and RFID tagging and tracking will improve efficiencies not only for manufacturers but government agencies, retailers, logistics providers - any business enterprise that moves product, documents or people between two or more points. It promises to revolutionize supply chain logistics on every level, from the packing station to the retail store, and from raw material through the finished product's entire life cycle.

In close partnership with other leaders in our industry, Danby provides turnkey RFID solutions that are second to none, and we have the middleware necessary to make sure that RFID integration is seamless, either as a compliance-only solution or closed-loop system integrated with your current enterprise level software.

RFID In Action


Danby RFID Solutions for Asset and Item tracking offer your company:

  • Reduced amount of time required for workers to conduct inventory counts
  • Decreased amount of time spent searching for specific assets
  • Increased asset-utilization rates
  • Lowered capital expenditures on new equipment
  • Improved employee satisfaction

Our compliance software is designed to fully encompass all retail (EPC) and Government (DoD and FDA) compliance guidelines, including Mil-Std 129P and UDI. Danby has a proprietary solution for cohesively managing assets that are tracked with bar codes (1d or 2d) as well as RFID tagged.

The experts at Danby can offer inventory and asset visibility strategies that make sense today and will remain viable long into the future.

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